Ikea Introduces 8 New Rugs for Spring

A big theme this spring at IKEA is modern Scandinavian style, with a focus on textiles, particularly modern rugs ranging from natural to synthetic. There's some really cool design concepts this season (like layering) and we have a sneak peek.  Let's take a look!

With more and more people leading their lives in cities while longing for nature, designer Paulin Machado wanted to create a rug that brings the outdoors in.

“It was that relationship between nature and the city that inspired me to create the TERNSLEV rug. It’s made from jute, a hardwearing natural material, and designed to fit easily into all different kinds of lifestyles, seating solutions or family constellations. There’s no right or wrong – just twist, turn and play around with the rug until you find the perfect spot in your home.”

Designed to reflect the changes in the way we live and furnish our rooms today, the shape of TERNSLEV rug is unlike any other. It works well with many different sofa setups, for example a sofa with a chaise, or if you place a coffee table in front of the sofa, you can use one of the extending parts to sit on, or turn it round to create yet another shape.

The TILST rug is a small runner that’s handwoven in sisal and jute making it durable and with natural colour variations. Coloured bands break up the traditional rectangular shape that forms a unique little rug for a creative personal style.

By introducing a new material — black wool, designer Paulin Machado added softness and created something totally unique without changing the production technique of the new SJÖSLEV Rug. This has given the rug its birch tree look. With a green band on one edge, the small rug adds a personal touch and fits well in connection to a table or loveseat.

The SATTRUP rug is flatwoven in sisal and jute in a way that resembles a ploughed field and is large enough to fit a three-seater sofa. The rug is hard-wearing and durable thanks to sisal, a natural fibre taken from the agave plant. The natural fibres bring a feeling of nature into the home, while also making the rug recyclable. This might be one of our faves.

Featuring matching graphic and geometric patterns. and designed by Linda Uhlenius and Sissi Edholm, who designed HÖSTFIBBLA and PENNINGGRÄS cushions, the new GÖRLÖSE and PANDRUP rugs give a room a unique modern Scandinavian vibe.

With a discreet off-white geometric pattern, the FAKSE rug is made with a dense, thick pile making it durable and resistant to stains. It looks super comfortable in connection to a sofa.

With a geometric cube pattern, the BIRKET rug with its' gentle yellow and grey tones brings a modern look to a home.  Note: The BIRKET design also comes in textile fabric, allowing one to pull the design from the floor into other areas of the room such as pillow cushions or window treatments.

Visit your local IKEA for more information.

Jan Halvarson

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