Opportunity Knocks Brazilian-Style at IKEA

We're super-excited about this new temporary collection coming to IKEA in February called OPPORTUNITY! The new line offers up a unique fusion of Brazilian inspiration and Scandinavian simplicity.What's really exciting us are the wall tiles! The package comes in a selection of mixed colours. There are many similarities between Scandinavian and Brazilian design and architecture , but it's the Brazilian way of life IKEA tells us they want to share:

"Music, mosaic, jungle and street art is the common denominator in the collection. The style is simple, fun and full of energy!

The idea behind OPPORTUNITY started when IKEA took a look at their Scandinavian design and thought about how far they could stretch that style. To explore it more, IKEA sent a team of designers and product developers to the city of São Paulo.

Mette Nissen, Creative Director, tells how OPPORTUNITY came about:

" We dove into the Brazilian culture and got to experience the museums, markets, restaurants , street art and architecture. After charging us with inspiration , we continued to the factory floor where our ideas transformed into products. "

Bold patterns, bright colors and Scandinavian minimalism. Let's take a look!


OPPORTUNITY wall tiles. Each package (495 / sq.m ) L15 × B15cm , in mixed patterns.

The new collection will be available February 12th for approximately 2 months.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Love those mosaics so much :)

Unknown said...

i love the color pallet for this post! really grabs my attention and makes me want to read every bit of it and not overlook any inch. great job!