More Behind the Scenes at IKEA in Älmhult

ANVÄNDBAR collection

A few more "behind the scenes" from IKEA's Democratic Design Day starting with the ANVÄNDBAR collection.

Launching April 2016
(Above and directly below) The macrame designed by Hanna Dalrot together with Mimmi Staaf and Josefine Halfwordson.

ANVÄNDBAR collection

A new recycable lightweight material made of up to 90 percent recycled paper, and yet it has the same strength as conventional board materials. The paper can be sourced within as well as outside IKEA using packaging materials and pallets. 

The new SINNERLIG collection is the result of a special collaboration between IKEA and Ilse Crawford, the London-based designer.  The use of cork is one of the more striking features in the collection, a renewable, durable, waterproof and easy-to-clean material.

A collection made in paper based materials that are sustainable, honest and inexpensive. By molding and folding in different ways, they have created new innovative products and functions at really low price points.  Launching May 2017.

Launch February 2016
This collection is a limited-edition assortment of standalone accessories and smaller furniture pieces that embrace Scandinavian simplicity and the easy, relaxed Brazilian lifestyle.

IKEA Books
Some exciting books too, including the Find It! Part 1. A book all about clothes and shoe storage in eight homes.

And a few more pictures from the presentation area.

Stay tuned for more pictures from Sweden all next week, including a post on the city, a couple cool shops there and a home tour!

Jan Halvarson

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Super excited about the ANVÄNDBAR and NIKKERBY collections!! so awesome