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Peter's Ford by Janis Nicolay (Pinecone Camp)

Wow, it's friday already! Where did the week go? I'm off to gather together some loose ends before I dive into our weekend set up of our new market we launch Monday. In the meantime I leave you with a lovely photo by Janis Nicolay and our Top 10 posts for the week, along with a reminder that today is the last day of our Holiday Market No. 1 So if you've missed something there, you still have until this evening to view and (get a little bit of early holiday shopping in). We'll be back Monday with a new market featuring *new* things for the upcoming season! Have a good one!

Top 10 Posts this Week (What you've been reading)!
1. Write a Bike
2. A Poppytalk Holiday Giveaway (Still time to enter)!
3. Chalk it Up to the Holidays!
4. DIY: Snowflake Panels from Free People
5. Renew a Chalkboard Wall
6. Local Conditions
7. Weekend Project: Snowflake Curtain
8. C is for Cookie
9. DIY: Natural Wood Tree Stand
10. Sneak Peek - Got Craft Holiday Show!

(Vancouver Handmade News): The Vancouver Courier has a great list for the local craft fair season. Click here to find out all the handmade goodness out there to keep you busy and out of malls.

Jan Halvarson

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LR said...

this photo reminds me of my dad's 1967 Ford Ltd. great pic.