12 Redecorating Ideas We Found From the Stylists at IKEA


Amid these strange times I'm still been getting updates in my inbox on new things from the design world, and as strange as it seems to be writing about design with all that is happening around us, I thought maybe we'd all enjoy a little escape/distraction to look at some pretty vignettes and decor ideas.

To preface this, a friend and I were discussing recently what we do to distract ourselves from all the worries of the world, (which seems to come in waves in the middle of the night currently for me), and one of my techniques involves the idea of redecorating my rooms (in my mind) as I try to fall back asleep.

Which also made me think of all of those quarantine bangs everyone is cutting right now. So maybe to divert the bang cutting (and possible fall out from that - haha), one could quarantine redecorate?

Whenever I search for decor inspiration, the stylists at IKEA always have a few tricks up their sleeve. And these ideas I recently found would work really well right now, as they mix in with furniture/items we might already have, inspiring one to do a quarantine redecorate or even furniture shuffle to change things around and get a new perspective —making one feel like they're in a new space. And just so there's no misunderstandings, this is not a sponsored post, I just always am inspired by the talented people that work at IKEA.

Also, with the cooler months coming to an end, it's hopeful to think about summertime right now, welcoming spaces focused on summery vibes, lighter fabrics, colours and graphic patterns. And hopefully a reprieve from the current instability.

Let's take a look at what I found recently from their latest.

1. Eclectic Entryway
(Above) A collection of woven hats and cozy bamboo lighting make for a welcoming entryway. Got a few hats lying around collecting dust in your closet? Bring them out and create a new look to welcome all your friends who you can't wait to see after this is all over.

2. Mixing Styles
Not everything should match as proven here in this selection of mixed styles, artfully brought together to create a bohemian eclectic vibe. One would have never thought all these pieces would work together, but they do and remind me of a cozy corner you'd find in a Cuban hotel.

SKAFTET arched floor lamp base

3. Go Architectural 
Love the idea of creating a look using an assortment of architectural pieces and furniture that stands up to them. Modern lighting and classical architectural go hand in hand.

4. Old With New
A sweet combination that always makes a cozy vignette, mixing old with new. Think of your Grandma's old sewing machine desk and creating a little makeshift home office while you're working from home perhaps?

5. Collections
Start digging into your collections and bring them out to display. These clocks are a great example to create a cozy vignette.

STURSK wall clock

6. Add Flowers
Recently I saw @martinamartian on Instagram send herself a bouquet of flowers during her quarantine in London. I mean really, what a great way to self-care. Plus they just add a bit of sunshine. Can't order? Maybe forage after a rainstorm, or like I did and force some branches.

BUSKBO magazine stand
7.  Get a New Perspective!
If your room has the space for it, angle your furniture. It just makes for a new perspective and you won't believe how refreshed it feels. And even if you don't have the space, just move your bed to a different side or a room. It really does make all the difference.

SKOGSFIBBLA duvet cover

8. Place Furniture in Unexpected Places
Who thought a wooden table in a bathroom would be a place to set a table? Obviously space is an issue for most in North America, but maybe then just a stool for setting up a sweet reading table while you soak the days away reading a favourite book. And that mirror!

GATKAMOMILL shower curtain
9. Travel Posters
I'm going to go online right now and look for some posters I can print out to paste up in our rooms to dream about places and spaces I can visit once this whole nightmare is over. If I find a good stash I'll let you know (or if you do, let us all know in the comments)!

GRACIÖS textile series

10. Sashiko and Tassel or Pom Pom Some Pillows
I've always wanted to Sashiko something, and these pillows are inspiring me right now. Add a few tassels and you've got a refreshed look! Pssst! Creative Bug is offering free Sashiko classes right now with our friend Lisa Solomon teaching! Click here to see!

KLARAFINA & MOAKAJSA cushion covers

KLARAFINA & MOAKAJSA cushion covers

KLARAFINA & MOAKAJSA cushion covers
11.  New Pillows
Add some new pillows (or switch out ones from a different room). This is one of my favourite spring/summer refresh ideas and so simple!

NÄBBFLY & GRIMHILD cushion covers

12. Take it Outside
The weather in the PNW has been rather mild here lately which has allowed us to sit outside in the sun (although with coats) in the afternoons. Moving some furniture outside (even if it's just by the door) for a bit of fresh air, pulling out a rug too, makes for a nice cozy new space and perspective.


(All photos IKEA).

Jan Halvarson

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