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I made this for you

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we've been focused on last minute summer fun before autum arrives. at the top of stephen's list... flying kites. making them from scratch seemed a bit technical, so i decided to buy a couple and modify them. i found simple kites at a local toy store and used the nylon body as a pattern to sew new ones from vintage fabric. we were excited to see them take flight at the park and before we knew it, four hours had passed.

there are twelve more days of summer so you have just enough time to fly your own kite! if you're looking to make one from scratch or even form a kite club, howtomakeandflykites.com is a great resource.

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Kickcan & Conkers said...

I love kites, beautiful objects offering hours of fun on beaches, moorland and in parks. fab!

Unknown said...

Preciosas cometas!!!... en Canarias se celebra el festival de cometas de Fuerteventura desde 1987 tiene lugar durante un fin de semana, en torno al 8 de Noviembre, y dura 3 días en “la playa del burro”, situada en las dunas de Corralejo.



Beklina said...

I love the kites. They're beautiful. Can't wait to share with my family!

seesaw designs said...

looks so fun. love the photo arrangement as well.

Oh, My Darling said...

What a fantastic idea! Love the floral fabric, too.

Anonymous said...

Home made kites, how sweet. It has made it on my long list of great things to do.

lisa solomon said...

ok. how damn cute are those???

Stareidlamb said...

love <3

Clarity said...

Fun fun fun!

You make it sound simple but I am not a sewing expert, barely a beginner.

Did you have to double stitch or use any special thread to keep it strong? It's amazing how well-fit they appear with the frame.

Thank you for giving me a special project for outdoor Autumn, X.

Katie @ Cheep Ideas said...

What a great kite tutorial! I've included it on my website today along with some other DIY kites. I'm sure it will be a hit! Thanks so much for sharing!