Gift Guide | 10 Gifts from Etsy for the Home Under $20 to 30 Bucks!

There's something so special about giving a well-thought out handmade gift. We've been fans of Etsy since it opened back in 2005 and have always loved creating gift guide posts every year from some of our favourite makers from around the world. Today we're featuring 10 gift ideas from Etsy for the home all under $20 to $30 (mostly under $20)!  Check out the links below.

1. Wooden Wall Hooks
by The Merrythought Shop
(Above) Loving these modern wall hooks made from spalted maple (and finished with a water-proof finish) by former Poppytalk contributors, The Merrythought. . Great for storing coats, accessories, towels and more. $17.16 CAD.

2. Girl in Black Dress Art Print
by Jordan Grace Owens
Pick up an original piece of art (print) that will fit into any modern space.  $19.80 CAD.

3. Territory Tea Towel
by Leah Duncan
a 100% linen tea towel with Leah's "territory" pattern. It is screen printed with water-based black and golden ocher ink on white linen. $29.17 CAD.

4. Brass + Leather Towel Ring
by The Merrythought Shop
More fun stuff from the folks at The Merrythought Shop with this brass and leather towel ring. Simple brass and leather towel ring. Perfect for a modern, minimal bathroom. $15.84 CAD.

5. Brass Circle Magnets
by The Merrythought Shop
A modern set of simple brass magnets (each set comes with 5 magnets).  $19.80 CAD.

6. Cactus (Black + White) Print
by Wilder California
We love a black and white print. Goes in any space (alone or gallery-style). $15.84 CAD.

7. Turquoise Soap
by Nature Nurture Soap 
For a gem of a person, this turquoise soap is scented with fragrance oils to smell like rich blueberry jam and with a swirl of micas for colour. $10.30 CAD.

8. Vegan Leather Magazine Holder
by Blisscraft + Brazen
A versatile magazine holder that can be placed exactly where you like to keep your favourite publications handy. $25.00

9. Porcelain Lid (for glass yogurt jars)
by Arte et Manufacture
A sweet gift for someone who collects all those glass yogurt jars from Riviera.  $9.24 CAD.

10. Neroli Scented Candle
by Paulova
A soy candle hand poured into a stoneware ceramic vessel. $19.80 CAD.

Jan Halvarson


The Merrythought said...

Thanks for including us!! :)

Jan Halvarson said...

The Merrythought - such cute stuff!