Camp Wandawega x Land of Nod Explorer Playhouse

So how adorable is this collaboration with Camp Wandawega x Land of Nod.  Part of their already existing collection for the littles, these pine frame and canvas mini scout tents feature a classic campground style complete with a peekabo window at the back.

If you haven't heard of Camp Wandawega, we wrote about them back in 2010.  A sweet story and a cool place to visit if you like the idea of old school camps.  Now wouldn't it be fun to have a little piece of their place in the backyard this summer (or kids playroom).
Let's take a look!

A few other highlights of the collection. See below for links.

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Treehouse Play Set
Pennant Wheel Wall Hanging
The S'More the Merrier Campfire Set
Day Trip Plush Canoe

See more at Camp Wandawega x Land of Nod

Jan Halvarson

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