Mini Sneak Peek | Ikea August

We just got a mini sneak peek of a few of the new things coming this August to Ikea. Just three things for now, but definitely makes us wanting more!   First off, the ODGER chair, a true innovation with respect to material, (a mix of recycled plastic and wood with visible fibers that give the chair a living soft surface). Perhaps a future design icon? (Above): ODGER chair in recycled plastic and wood fiber comes in blue, brown and nature and is mounted completely without screws in a seamless expression.

And a favourite of ours already because of it's DIY relativity (remember seeing these in all our hack round-ups),  ÖSTERNÄS, with it's fine leather handles  made of leftover material recycled from other productions, giving warmth and a natural feel to all the storage furniture. (Below): ÖSTERNÄS fine leather handles come in two sizes and resist moisture, making it perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms.

And lastly, BACKIG porcelain. "We wanted to create organic shapes that reflect the light and emphasize the food against the shiny blackness," says Pia Amsell and Barbro Berlin, the designers behind the series. Such an interesting colour!

And that's it for now, but stay tuned for our annual catalogue coverage coming this summer! Images Ikea.

Jan Halvarson

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Alysha said...

The chair is beautiful! The fact that it is partly made of recycled plastic impresses me more. The BACKIG porcelain looks classy, too! I'm excited to see the whole collection.