Welcome Summer! 7 Ideas to Dine Al Fresco

Summer is finally here and we are loving these sixteen hour days of sunlight especially and can't wait to hit the beaches for a few dinners al fresco! I love creating a cozy beach dinner scene and have been collecting a few images for inspiration. Here's a few to set the scene.

1.  Camp Out
(Above) A camper van on the beach with all the trimmings. Love this scene from  Livet Hemma.

2. Boardwalk
Lots of cushions and a hibachi filled with corn. Livet Hemma

Livet Hemma
3. Patio Lanterns
Still love this scene with the patio lanterns hung from branches from our Poppytalk for Target a few years back. 


4. A Night of S'mores
A casual night for dessert. Poppytalk for Target


5. Go Formal
A lovely idea for a formal dinner outside. Love the chiffon tablecloth.
Livet Hemma

6. Lanterns + Branches
Love this idea of hanging paper lanterns from the tree branches above.
Livet Hemma

7. Stake It Out
Love this spot staked out with large pieces of driftwood and beautiful textiles.
Livet Hemma

Jan Halvarson

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Taylor Two said...

Ooo la la, the 'stake it out' is my favourite of an amazing bunch. Very Robinson Crusoe. Talk about aspirational beach moments.