Field Notes | Campfire Edition for Summer

Chicago-based Field Notes brand is celebrating it's 35th Quarterly Edition with a Campfire series, a perfect companion when you're hitting the trails this summer. Inspired by (of course) the campfire, Field Notes' Steve, Matt, and Bryan set out one afternoon to northern Illinois to build, film, and photograph the process of building, enjoying, and extinguishing a campfire. With the footage they created a whole bunch of variations with their collection of vintage notebooks in mind and also various Boy Scout handbooks, merit badge guides and other ephemera. They decided on a technique common before process color separations made color printing easy: a photographic halftone printed over blocks of solid spot-colors to simulate a color photo. Each book is printed with five different spot colors, the darkest color being the photographic halftone. Three stages of the fire are represented on the three covers, “Dusk,” “Night,” and “Dawn,”

Also for fun as they felt any night spent around a fire in the woods, should be rewarded with a patch, they created some merit badges that their friends at Brewery Outfitters in PDX stitched up. And there's one included with every 3-Pack.

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Jan Halvarson

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