10 Awesomely-Cool DIY Dowel Projects

Yay for Friday's and yay for adorable DIYs. We have all these extra dowels hanging around and have been looking for ideas to make something with. After searching, we found so many great ones, we thought we'd share a round up of some faves. You'd think if you saw one dowel ladder, you've seen them all, but not such the case. Check out ladders, chairs, mirrors and more below!

1. Kitchen Notice Board
(Above) by Your DIY Family
Get organized with this kitchen notice board DIY.

2. Hanging Lounge Chair
by The Merrythought
Still a favourite, this hanging lounge chair is the the perfect summer DIY.

3. Hanging Leather Rack
by Why Don't You Make Me
A hanging ladder made with leather strips and a few dowels.

4. DIY Dowel Mirror
by The Merrythought
A fun project

5. DIY Simple Wood Coat Rack
by Almost Perfect

6. DIY Dowel Ladder
by The Merrythought

7. Five-Minute Paper Towel Holder DIY
by Poppytalk

8. Home Studio Backdrop
by Maker Mama

9. Eames-Inspired Mobile
by Vitamini Handmade

10. Wooden Dowel Coat Rack
by Emily Henderson for Redbook

Jan Halvarson

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