Spring Blooms Week | Day 2 Cherry Blossoms


We're onto Day 2 of our Spring Blooms Week on Instagram. Today's blooms are Cherry Blossoms and we're seeing some pretty pictures being uploaded already. If you missed our previous posts, we're hosting a play-along week on Instagram and similar to our Spring Colour Weeks of years past, this week is all about posting photos of spring blooms to the hashtag #SpringBloomsWeek.  So we hope you'll join in, if not today, maybe some of the others.  It's all just for fun! Here's the schedule:

Monday, April 24/17 - Camellias
Tuesday, April 25 - Cherry Blossoms
Wednesday, April 26 - Magnolias
Thursday, April 27/17 - Lilacs
Friday, April 28/17 - Peonies
Saturday, April 29/17 - Tulips
Sunday, April 30/16 - Wildflowers

Look forward to seeing everyone's blooms!

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Beautiful pictures!
xx Nicki