Spring Blooms Week | Day 1 Camellias

If you caught our previous post or post on Instagram, we're hosting an impromptu Spring Blooms Week on Instagram starting today! Similar to our Spring Colour Weeks of years past, #SpringBloomsWeek is all about posting photos of spring blooms to the hashtag #SpringBloomsWeek.  Today's bloom is Camellias! So we hope you'll join in, if not today, one of the following!

Monday, April 24/17 - Camellias
Tuesday, April 25 - Cherry Blossoms
Wednesday, April 26 - Magnolias
Thursday, April 27/17 - Lilacs
Friday, April 28/17 - Peonies
Saturday, April 29/17 - Tulips
Sunday, April 30/16 - Wildflowers

Look forward to seeing everyone's blooms!

Jan Halvarson

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