15 Favourite New Things from IKEA's April '17 Collection

IKEA is launching an array of new products this April and we're quite excited about what we see. There's a mid-century vibe happening with some of them as well a range of multi-functional furniture in an airy industrial style designed for the ever-changing home. There’s also a lot of news on the storage front, from a shelving series to hallway solutions, including a textile wardrobe and storage baskets. Let's check it out!

1. VEDBO armchair
First off the VEDBO armchair (above and directly below). Made of cold cut foam, the chair is coupled with a comfortable and ergonomic design and available in either high or low back. A modern icon! $199 each.

2. SVALNÄS shelving unit
Scandinavian and Asian design meet in an interesting mix in SVALNÄS shelving unit. Made of bamboo, the minimalsit design reminds us days gone by with a flexible and expandable. Endless solutions can be created with the use of the helves, a cabinet, desk and box from small to big, open or closed.

SVALNAS shelving unit (combination $350)

3. DIHULT footstool
A simple and flexible stool for sitting in different ways or half-lying, maybe in connection to
a sofa. And when not in use the footstool can be hung on the wall making it discreet and functional. $149 each.

4. NYMÅNE lamp series
With a smooth shape that gives character to a room, the NYMÅNE pendant lamp has a simple design in white and with an output that holds three light bulbs, there's a mesh at the top and bottom which reflect the light and accentuates the shape. The lamp series also includes ceiling spotlights. Pendant $59.99.

5. SKUGGIS hook
The SKUGGIS hook is a large decorative hook in an irregular hexagonal shape that becomes a great design element on the wall. $6.99 each.

6. VUKU wardrobe
Clothes storage inspired by camping, the VUKU wardrobe is a portable textile wardrobe with a smart design developed in partnership with experts in the tent industry. Made with fibreglass tubes clicked together in a spider construction, the tubes become more stable when you put weight on them. $16.99 each.

7. MACKAPÄR series
With a simple design and compact dimensions, even narrow hallways can stay organized thanks to MACKAPÄR series. The series offers both open and closed shoe storage and because it is wet-approved, it can also work for muddy entrances. $69.99 each.

Bench/storage compartment $79.99

8. PINNIG series
The PINNIG coat rack with a shoe storage bench works as a solitaire for all necessary clothes and shoes and has an industrial fee.

Coat rack with shoe storage $129 | Bench $59.99

9. EKEBOL sofa
With a unique design combining wood and metal, EKEBOL sofa is a flexible sofa that can be customized to your liking. Decide whether to have the armrest on the right or left, and choose what to keep on the storage shelf underneath the sofa or maybe use it as an extra bookcase! The mesh on the side can be used to decorate with light cords or textiles. It’s also possible to transform the sofa by dyeing the sofa covers or painting the lacquered wood. The sofa is designed especially for limited living rooms that need to cater for many activities, says Product Developer Ria Falk:

“EKEBOL sofa is a sofa to live on. A place where you can work, relax and sleep when needed. It’s easy to move
and isn’t meant to get stuck in one spot in front of the
T V.”

Sofa $499

10. VEBERÖD storage
Made with a mix of plywood and metal, the VEBERÖD storage has multi-purpose pieces that can adapt to an ever-changing home.  For example, the bench and room divider have casters so
it’s easy to wheel them along to wherever needed and the mesh at the top of the room divider and shelving unit allows for a lamp to be hung there. The bench with its quilted pad offers both a seat and storage. Room divider $149.

Bench $129

11. LALLERÖD coffee table
The LALLERÖD coffee table can be easily rolled around in the home thanks to casters and handles, while it offers generous storage underneath. The table has an industrial style being made in metal that’s treated with a clear lacquer. $99.

12. TVÄRS table lamp
When designer Carl Öjerstam sat down to create the TVÄRS table lamp, he asked himself if the world’s cheapest lamp could get even cheaper:

“In the early 2000s I was involved in developing the low price lamp LAMPAN and now I wanted to do it again. The challenge was to minimize the costs while designing an attractive lamp that works anywhere. The key was a design that means we can fit 500 lamps on one pallet. This means that we reduce transportation costs significantly – and can lower the price of the lamp without compromising on design!”
Carl Öjerstam
Futuristic and fun, the TVÄRS table lamp may look like something that’s landed from outer space, but is in fact a mood lamp.  Most unique is its optimized design when it comes to construction, materials, components and packaging, enabling IKEA to give TVÄRS table lamp a price tag of only $3.99 CAD!

13. OFANTLIGT dinnerware
Made of feldspar porcelain, OFANTLIGT is a series that is meant to stand daily wear and tear, (microwave and dishwasher safe) yet is pretty enough to dress up a table for various occasions. Designed by Inma Bermudez, who was recently awarded Designer of the Year in Spain.

14. NATTJASMIN bedlinen
NATTJASMIN bedlinen are satin-woven with a high thread count. Available in white or light grey, the duvet cover and fitted sheet are made with a mix of cotton and lyocell, with cotton coming from more sustainable sources. Lyocell is a renewable, cellulose fibre made from 100% wood pulp which kinder to the environment, using less water to produce than cotton.$49.99.

15. RYET LED bulb

As a step in letting all their customers live in a more energy-efficient way, IKEA has developed an LED bulb that’s affordable for even the tightest of wallets. With more people being able to switch to LED, the positive environmental impact will be huge. This was the thinking behind RYET LED bulb.
Being LED, the bulb consumes approximately 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and lasts 15 times longer. This means there are savings to be made on energy bills, as well as waste and time spent on changing bulbs. It was IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad himself who posed the challenge to the product development team to find a way to lower the price of LED bulbs – without compromising on quality or how long they last. Product developer Paulina Pajak tells how the team succeeded:

"We looked at everything, from parts to design and production, to see how we could streamline and keep costs down without affecting the quality. We found that by selecting parts of a higher quality for the LED part, we could get rid of certain parts in the bulb’s power supply, and thereby end up with a lower total cost.”

And yes, the team reached the incredible goal of $1.29. How awesome!

All products should be available at IKEA this April (2017)!

Jan Halvarson


Charmaine Ng | Architecture and Lifestyle Blog said...

I'm such a hardcore fan of Ikea it's unbelievable (I love how it's so affordable too!). My favourite out of your list would probably be the Svalnas shelving unit.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Unknown said...

I wonder if that wall sconce in the 14th image is IKEA?

Jan Halvarson said...

HI Charmaine - ours too!

Jan Halvarson said...

Dominique - if you're speaking of the one with the brass in it, no it isn't.