9 IVAR IKEA Hacks + DIYs

Livet Hemma

The IVAR, we all have had one, haven't we, at some point in time in our life? I know Earl and I did at the beginning of our home together. I wished though we would have kept it when we moved, because we have the perfect spot for it now for holding all my craft stuff.  Nonetheless, I've been noticing a few attractive DIYs for the IVAR and have saved enough for a post.  Check them out below.

1. Magazine Rack
An end of the IVAR shelf IVAR becomes a magazine rack. Leaning against the wall acts as decorative tray storage. Click here for more info.

2. DIY Stained Floating Credenza
The classic IVAR cabinets are a popular DIY favorite of sustainable wood. We love this mix of two stains. Check out the how-to video below. Via Livet Hemma.

3. Leather Handled Credenza
Make a handle out of an old leather belt and nail with a big head. Click here for more info.

4. Wall Cabinet
Make a faux wall cabinet with double hanging IVAR cabinets. The palette they are stained in make for a colourful background wall.  Click here for more.

5. Long Colourful Bench
Make a colorful hobby bench out of IVAR cabinets. Click here for more info.

6. Make Tracks
@cissela_c created tracks in the doors of her IVAR and treated the wood with a beige furniture wax to blend with the colour of her wall for a bespoke look. Love how they turned out.

7. Entrance Storage
A fun paint job by chokotof9

A photo posted by Ingrid Impens (@chokotof9) on

8. IVAR Display Stands
Check out these hacks set up for a trade show by @kajagjedebodesign

9. Tape It!
A clever five minute project using copper tape. By paulsvera.com

Jan Halvarson


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