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Today we're stoked to share with you another building on Lynne Knowlton's Treehouse rental property we wrote about last summer.  The Bunkie Cabin is a new building they built this past summer adjacent to the treehouse that is equally quaint and thoughtfully decorated in Lynne's signature look of whites, natural wood, and the odd splash of playful pastels.  For those of you new to Lynne Knowlton's treehouse, their property is located approximately 2 hours northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada near a small town called Durham. They've been renting out their property for a couple years now, which consists of a treehouse, bunkie and an adorable airstream. They also rent out for weddings, retreats or business events (where there's even space for a party tent and beautiful spaces on the property like a pool, pond and barn for pictures).  They are currently taking names for next summer/fall (June - October 2017) which you can sign up for their waitlist here.  In the meantime, let's take a look!

Starting off with the entry. Loving the grey, white and light green/blue minty door.

A vintage turquoise cupboard is a great focal point in the kitchen which has it's own range and mini fridge.

Beautiful windows to look out of while doing dishes.

A nice couch to curl up and read a book on.

Up to the loft to the bedroom.

Serve cocktails from the kitchen to guests outside of the bunkie cabin at this cute window bar.

There's the treehouse and shareable laTreen (bathroom) across the way.

And don't be decieved by the outside of that laTreen.  Inside, a beautiful bathroom with luxury ammenities.

And a pool!

For more info visit Lynne Knowlton online at:
Instagram: @lynneknowlton

Jan Halvarson


Lynne Knowlton said...

Thank you Poppytalk for the beautiful feature of our treehouse and bunkie!! We are so happy to share, and honoured to be a part of Poppytalk!

Big love!

Unknown said...

Im so happy to see my friend Lynne's happy little Bunkie on your site! She is an amazing woman and the property isn't any less so! I've had the dreamiest of dreamy sleeps and visits here, it's truly a gem.

Jan Halvarson said...

Lynne Knowlton - aw, thank you so much for sharing - it looks like such a special place.

Jan Halvarson said...

Janine Morrison - Thank you for stopping by~ And yes, we love her style and agree, her property is amazing!