15 Gorgeous DIYs + Recipes for Thanksgiving

It's the our Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada and we can't wait to dive into some delicious turkey and pumpkin pie! We leave you with a few autumn-themed DIYs for inspiration and a HUGE thank you for visiting us here throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Five-Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape
A super easy way to decorate a Thanksgiving table. Click here for the post.


2. An Elegant Centrepiece
by Jojotastic
Pull out those florist skills to make a beautiful centrepiece for your table!

3. A Thanksgiving Banner
A DIY idea from the ladies at A Beautiful Mess.

4. No Sugar Cranberry Sauce
Now a favorite around here, replace the sugar with maple syrup and cinnamon.  Click here for the recipe.

5. Make a Fall Wreath
by Fairy Blooms
We love this version of succulents on a vine wrapped wreath.

6.  Succulent Pumpkins
by Tanya Slye Designs

7. DIY Copper Foil Branches
Add copper foil to found branches for a nice autumn display. Click here for the instructions.

A Crafted Life for Poppytalk

8.  Painted Mini Pumpkins
by Casa de Perrin
We love this painted mini pumpkin idea from Casa de Perrin.

9. Pumpkin DIY Candle
by Hungry Heart

10. Salted Honey Lavender Pie
by Tarte Populaire
This salted honey lavender pie is to die for.  The perfect alternative to pumpkin pie.  Click here for the recipe.

11. Cherry Candied Crabapples
by Poppytalk
A fun way to decorate a cake!

12. An Autumn Arrangement
Get inspired by this beautiful arrangement by Tulipina Design.

13. Creamy Pumpkin Ice Cream
by Erin Ireland

14. Double Braid Your Pie Crust
by Style Sweet

15. Make a Cozy Entrance
by Meadow Farm House
We love this cozy veranda entrance from the Meadow Farm House. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jan Halvarson

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