IKEA Sneak Peek | 15+ New Things Coming in August!

KVISTBRO storage table

IKEA geek out time! Our friends at IKEA (US) sent over a nice email today featuring a collection of over 15 new items ready to hit stores next week!  (Also stay tuned for a preview of their new catalogue out August 8)!

Here's a few faves!

1. GRÖNADAL rocking-chair 
A modern Scandinavian style rocking chair, made fom traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship made in woven rattan. Designer: Lisa Hilland.

2. KVISTBRO storage tables
The KVISTBRO storage table is easily one of our favorites, combining a sofa table with practical storage in a metal basket design.

3. GLADOM tray table
Another favorite,  the GLADOM tray table combines soft colours in a small space design. The tray table can be placed anywhere using the whole table or just the tray top.

4. LIXHULT cabinets
We're liking the LIXHULT cabinets, which are fully flexible and stackable and although we're partial to the grey, it comes in an assortment of colours.

5. VALENTUNA series
The new VALENTUNA sofa series offers up endless possibilities with module seating, sleeping options and storage. Also a mix of different colour/pattern solutions.

6. ELVARI shelving series
The ELVARLI storage system is pretty cool with it's adaptable open storage that’s beautifully designed and works both for home and business.

7. VARV clamp spotlight
Perhaps our perfect bedside lamp idea has been solved with the VARV clamp spotlight designed with a dimmable function for reading.

8. KALVIA add on fronts (for cabinets)
The KALVIA add on fronts for cabinets is pretty clever.  Ikea tells us: "With open kitchens being more and more popular, it’s a chance to add some character and style to the home using kitchen fronts that work as art. That was the idea when IKEA collaborated with fashion designer and artist Martin Bergström. The result was KALVIA add-on fronts that cover six different motifs from one of his paintings printed directly onto their kitchen doors in six different sizes." Look forward to seeing more of these hopefully!

9. BARKABODA countertop
Love this new countertop! A herringbone pattern in a dark brown. (Have you noticed all the dark happening)?

We love the idea of a wide larger sink and as Ikea tells us: "In August, IKEA sees the launch of an updated selection of sinks with different shapes, sizes and number of bowls which are the result from looking into what features are most suited for different kitchen activities. For example, NORRSJÖN sink has a large single bowl that’s ideal for extra tasks such as watering plants, filling buckets for house cleaning, doing laundry, or even bathing a baby."

The SUNNERSTA mini kitchen is kind of cool.  Get the basic kitchen functions at a great price. 
A great idea for a studio, cabin or starter kitchen!

12. HéRLIGA glass dome
Put a dome on it! Anything with a dome on it looks all that more extra special. Yes?

13. OKéND box
Or box it! We love keeping special things dust-free! Great for retail.

14. ENIGHET candlestick
A beautiful three-armed candlestick in an elegant design with a rounded base."

15. RENREPE cushion covers
Loving these folk art style cushion covers resembling fine old embroidery, in a dark set motif.

16. ÄNGSLILJA duvet cover
A nice washed cotton in calm muted colours of grey, light blue or white.

Jan Halvarson


Alice Gibbs said...

Oh my! These things are all so beautiful :) I need to get my paws on that basket-table and I've been looking for a reasonably priced dome for my taxidermy for ages now. Thank you for sharing!

Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

Unknown said...

I'm with Alice on this one - can't wait for the display dome! You totally nailed it - everything looks better under a fancy display cloché!

dominique said...

I want to know more about that black swivel stool!!

Unknown said...

When will these items be in stores?

Jan Halvarson said...

Julie Ann - I was at our Ikea (in Richmond, B.C., Canada) and some of the items are already there. But the official date is August).

Jan Halvarson said...

Alice - yes that table! I saw it in real life yesterday at our local IKEA and it's really cute!

Jan Halvarson said...

Nikki - yes the cloche!