Announcing Summer Colours Week — July 1st!

Yay! We're happy to announce it's time for our annual Summer Colours Week! (Did you know this will be our 7th year)? After a poll on instagram last week, it looks like many of you think July 1st would be a perfect time to start!  So July 1st it is! This friday the fun will commence!  We'll go for an entire 7 days this time giving us a chance to cover Canada Day, Independence Day and all the days after (we're even adding rainbow to support Orlando and Pride Days everywhere!  Come join us —it'll be fun!  Here's the details:

If you're new to our Summer Colours Week, the rules are fairly simple.  You just upload the colour of the day (as specified below) to the #poppytalksummercolours feed on Instagram anytime from 6pm Pacific the day before each new day and then watch the beauty unfold! Please note: No products please.

This week is just all about beauty and stopping to smell the roses, making new friends and having fun! Each day we will highlight those that share on the feed!  Can't wait

Here are the colours!  

Friday, July 1st - Red and White (Canada Day)!
Saturday, July 2nd - Rose and Fushia
Sunday, July 3rd - Lemon and Lime
Monday, July 4th - Red, White and Blue (Independence Day)
Tuesday, July 5th - Turquoise and All the Blues
Wednesday, July 6th - Summer Greens
Thursday, July 7th - Rainbow (In support of Orlando and Pride Days everywhere!)

Come join us, it'll be fun! See you on Instagram starting Friday and don't forget to tag your pics #poppytalksummercolours !

Jan Halvarson

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