Spring Colours Starts Today | Monday is Rose Quartz!

We're excited to announce our annual Spring Colours Week starts today on Instagram! Hope you will join us and that everyone's weather is cooperating!

Starting today, Monday, April 18/16 and running through to Sunday, April 24th/16! We thought we'd try the full week this year (Monday through Sunday) as 5 days just seems too short!

And we're also going to have a few giveaways for fun too!

If you're new to our Spring Colours Week, the rules are fairly simple.  You just upload the colour of the day (as specified below) to the #poppytalkspringcolours feed on Instagram anytime from 6pm Pacific the day before and then watch the beauty unfold! Please note: No products please. This week is just all about beauty and stopping to smell the roses, making new friends and having fun!

Here are the colours! 

Monday, April 18/16 - Rose Quartz (one of Pantone's Color of the Year)
Tuesday, April 19/16 - Magenta + Cherry Red
Wednesday April 20/16 - Marmalade + Peach
Thursday, April 21/16 - Mellow Yellow + Lemon
Friday, April 22/16 - Mint + Turquoise
Saturday, April 23/16 -  Electric Blue + Serenity (another of Pantone's Color of the Year)
Sunday, April 24/16 - Mauve + Lilac

Also, we'll be featuring highlights from each day on instagram, the blog and other social channels! Some have already been posting!

Top left:  @boo21smom Top right:  @resurrectionfern Bottom left and right:  @boo21smom

Come join us, it'll be fun! See you on Instagram and don't forget to tag your pics #poppytalkspringcolours

Jan Halvarson


LT said...

your blog is simply beautiful

Boo21's Mom said...

Rose Quartz was a hard one! I got excited to photograph the soft peachy-pink stones we have all over our property here in north central Virginia (maybe Rose Quartz?) Photo after photo, all I got was what looked like pieces of raw meat. Then I tried a black background and the photo you chose is the result. I love your Colour Week! Thanks for hosting us!

Jan Halvarson said...

Trace - Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

Jan Halvarson said...

Boo21's Mom - I was wondering that myself what kind of stones those were. So pretty! Thanks for playing along, always look forward to your photos.