Unicorn Twinkies Sushi Party Bento Boxes

For this year's Oscar Party dessert, we created these little bento boxes for our guests.  Using a unicorn theme and inspired by Not Martha's hostess cake sushi (that we wrote about circa 2005), this magical set should have your guests smiling and on a sugar high in no time!  Here's how we made them!

Unicorn Twinkies Sushi Party Bento Boxes
Serves 6 people
4 boxes Twinkies
4 boxes Billot Logs (mini jelly rolls)
1 container cotton candy (fairy floss)
6 rolls rainbow rolls (from IKEA)
18- 20 pieces gummy fish (from IKEA)
pink sprinkles
gold star sprinkles

To Make

For the Nigiri:
—Cut the the Billot Logs (jelly rolls) into rectangles, the length of the gummy fish.  Sprinkle with pink sprinkles on top.  Place a gummy fish on top and wrap with a piece of the rainbow roll.

For the Sushi:
—Rainbow Wrapped Roll - Slice the Twinkies roll (each slice the size/width of the rainbow roll). Wrap a piece of the rainbow roll around the twinkie slice, securing with a dab of water (to stick).
—Sprinkle Covered - Slice the Twinkies roll.  Lay on it's side (flat), and sprinkle with sprinkles
—Cotton Candy Roll - Cut a piece of rainbow roll the size of the other sushi (circumference of the twinkies).  Fill with cotton candy.  Seal the rainbow roll shut with a dab of water. Dust with gold star sprinkles

Pieces of cotton candy (to look like wasabi)
Piles of sprinkles (to look like ginger).
Dust gold star sprinkles about display

Serve in bento boxes, or display on a platter.

Jan Halvarson


Jen | A Sip of Bliss said...

These are so much fun! Love the colors :)


Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Jen!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully magical idea! I'm so going to do a spin on this for my next girly evening, I can't see anyone who wouldn't love this. Thanks so much for the inspiration and thanks in advance for the sugar rush. ;) x

Unknown said...

You're always so creative!!! Amazing idea!