Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge | What Colour Should We Choose?

Have you been following our Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge? If you're just joining us this week, we have teamed up with CIL Paints in a really cool challenge!  Last week we announced the challenge, which involves us creating a small paint project ourselves using CIL Premium. CIL has invited our readers along, with an opportunity to win not only some amazing Home Depot gift cards we've been giving away on Twitter and Instagram, but the chance at winning a grand prize of a $5000 Home Depot gift card, and an in-home consultation by a design expert worth $2000! More details at our first blog post here.


So this week, we're cranking things up a notch offering TWO (2), $250 Home Depot gift cards, in an Instagram contest (details below).  But before we do that, let's announce the winner of last week's $250 gift card giveaway. Drumroll please....

Congratulations to @Dalhausart!  You're the winner of a $250 Home Depot gift card courtesy of CIL Paints! Please email us at with your mailing details so we can get that into the mail for you!  Yay!

Now onto this week! We're getting excited to begin painting our "Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge" project which we've also come to ask ourselves, why didn't we think of doing this project before?   It's one of those jobs that doesn't take a lot of money, and because it's paint, can really make a big impact.

Some of you may recall (rewind 6 years ago), we moved into our townhouse and since we couldn't afford to build the kitchen of our dreams back then, we installed what we thought of as a "temporary kitchen" until we could afford what we really wanted.  Even though we thought it was a five-year plan, life gets in the way, and that time has still not come yet. In fact, sometimes we joke — as design bloggers, our lives are so involved with projects and blogging and writing about beautiful interiors, that embarrassingly enough, our own home has been neglected, and unfinished.

But this challenge has been just the kick in the pants we needed to save a little face (for our upcoming holiday visitors) and now we can't wait to see the final result. Which is where you come in.  We need your help to pick out a colour for our open shelving. And we have a fun giveaway as part of it!

To give you a bit of background:  When we painted our kitchen — five years ago, blackboard paint was our jam.  We painted the feature wall with blackboard paint and since then have been contemplating what to do with it since.  We put up some open shelving which we had been planning to paint as well, but we couldn't commit to a colour, and as mentioned, things got a little hectic around here, hence unfinished.

To be honest, we'd love to completely re-paint the entire wall and cupboards (possibly white), put up some subway tile and paint the cupboards and get a new countertop, but quite frankly, that's a bit ambitious for us at this time of year. But we do think, if we paint the shelving, it'll make a big difference and maybe it'll be just the lift to carry us through the holiday season and until we do have the time and money to get a little closer to our dream kitchen.

So we ask you. What colour should we paint the open shelving?  Should we really go to the dark side and go black on black?  Or should they be an accent and be all white?   Here's what they look like presently.  (Quite frankly, these photos are really hard to show to you, so PLEASE try to ignore the whole mess, and especially the black countertops —another thing we temporarily did to save money and have them in on time for Xmas a few years ago). Long story (but it boiled down to we couldn't get what we wanted on time as it had to be ordered, so we went with what was available at the time—black). 

Okay, so back to our current challenge.  We could've just painted the blackboard wall white and then painted the shelves white too, but if we did, we think the black stove that sits above the cupboard line (another pet peeve), would really pop and be too noticeable.  So we're trying to camouflage it, along with a few other details by using paint (for now) and some magical styling (later and for the reveal). Yes a bit of a challenge.  So are you up for it?  A giveaway is involved if you wish to participate, all on Instagram, details after the jump!

So here's the deets!

We have TWO (yes two people!) $250 Home Depot gift cards to give away! To enter, help us decide between two paint colours for our kitchen open shelving paint project. CIL White on White OR CIL Dark Secret (a black similar to the walls already).

Tell us which colour you think we should use, and also share a photo on Instagram of the progress you’ve made on your own #CILPremiumBeauty paint project – whether you’re in the colour selection process like us or you’ve already started painting with CIL Premium, we want to know! Please ensure to include the #CILPremiumBeauty hashtag and tag us @poppytalk too in your caption.  Entry open from October 22, 2015 to 11:59 p.m. on November 3, 2015.  Two (2) winners will be selected at random and will be announced on our next CIL blog post on November 4th, 2015 (and on our related Instagram post). Please note this contest is open to Canadian residents only.

Can't wait to hear your advice and see you on Instagram!  Good Luck!

Jan Halvarson


Cussot said...

Is it an older stove? I'd consider spray-painting the top knob plate a dark gray or matte black. It would be easier if you could get it off, but given enough masking tape and plastic protection, you could spray it in situ. There's even heat-resistant spray paint.

Jan Halvarson said...

Cussot - it's a fairly new stove, but that's not a bad idea, thanks.

Hanna said...

The white on white seems like a great idea!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Hanna - we love white!