Weekend Project | 9 Pretty DIYs for Mom!

For this week's weekend project post, here's 9 gift ideas we came across this week with Mom in mind! Happy Friday!

1. DIY Watercolor Lips Print
by Kraft & Mint

2. DIY Crystal Knob Boxes
by Homey Oh My

3. DIY Memo Board
by The Merrythought

4. DIY Painted Bottles
by Homey Oh My

5. DIY Gold Terrarium Hangers
by Craft Hunter

6. Crepe Paper Mums
by Lia Griffith

7. Printable Notecard
by Alice and Lois

8. DIY No-Sew Tea Towels
by Jessi Gilbert for Minted

9. Minimal X-Shaped Coasters DIY
by Francois et Moi

Jan Halvarson


Smellyann said...

I'm so going to have to do a few of these, starting with the hanging gardens. So cool! Thanks for sharing :)



So very pretty! love these beautiful DIY ideas for Mom..

Unknown said...

What a great round-up! Thanks for including Francois et Moi!!!

Elsa said...

I really like this lip art and the gold terrariums. Might try them out.

ursula said...

Thank you for featuring my "Lips" project! Super excited to be part of this round up. I almost follow all the blogger's crafts featured and love their work. Those minimalistic coasters are rad! Homeyohmy boxes are beyond pretty too.