Guest post by Alessandra Barlassina of Gucki

Palazzo della Permanente, Via Turati 34. Keep in mind this address: Nendo works 2014-2015. This is one of the best thing of the Fuorisalone. Amazing works, extremely elegant. Brilliant ideas. Super cool installation.

It’s all white. White carpet too (I think it will be no more so white if you’ll go on Sunday…). Everybody is in silence admiring the amazing work by Nendo Studio. You feel quite the desire to say a little prayer to the Spirit of Design. He is here. Definitely!

I am very glad to have seen in person the famous Nendo’s bottles: 20 bottles symbolizing the 20 ways to say “rain” in Japanese language. Pure poetry! 

This is 五月雨 “Samidare” the rain that falls consistently between spring to early summer.

Brilliant solutions: who did say that doors have to be empty surfaces? Thank you Nendo, now I know what I have to do with my door! DIY hacker!

You can also buy some merchandise… is this the Nendo reply to Seletti?! Cups 32 €, Tote 51 €, T-shirt 60 €.


~Alessandra Barlassina

Jan Halvarson

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