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IKEA has long provided people all over the world with democratic design – affordable and functional design for all. This week however, they are launching an art initiative with no practical function, instead it’s all about evoking emotions. Creative Leader Henrik explains the idea behind IKEA Art Events:

"Normally you could say that art has a limitation. That it’s for the few, with a lot of money, or something you see in museums and galleries. But we think that art belongs in people’s homes. And with these collections, art becomes accessible for a lot of people - you don’t need to be wealthy to buy something unique. For this years’ collection, we invited 12 street artists from around the world to create 12 unique street art posters for IKEA. Our aim is that the different styles and expressions will create a better everyday life - for everyone who loves great art. Street art is free for anyone to enjoy, you can just grab a bike and discover art in your own hometown. It’s the most democratic art form that exists."

We couldn't agree more. The global launch is April 1, 2015, and since it’s a limited collection the posters might sell out very quickly.

We've got our eye on the Nuria Mora poster (above) ; someone whom we've written about here on the blog these past 10 years).

Check out a few others:



Click here to find out more about the event.

Jan Halvarson

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