DIY Jasmine Kokedama

Contributor post by Emily and Erick of Heidi's Bridge

We don't know about you, but after months of grey landscapes and bitter cold, we long for everything green and verdant. For a reprieve from the bleak weather, we like to visit greenhouses and garden conservatories--the lush, sub-tropical landscapes feel like a mini vacation and cure any lingering winter blues. To channel this experience at home, we created this DIY kokedama made from jasmine, a beautiful trailing plant that blooms this time of year. The beautiful white blooms scent your home with the most intoxicating, tropical fragrance to help you through the last dregs of winter.

You Will Need:
Jasmine Plant (find them at garden stores or Trader Joes) or other plant of your choice
Spanish Moss

1. Remove your jasmine plant from the pot it came in, gently shaking off excess soil from the plant's root ball.

2. Wet your soil with a small amount of water until it's the consistency of a thick paste, covering the root ball with the moist soil. At this point, you can carefully mold the soil around root ball into your desired shape (circle, tear drop, oval etc). Allow soil to dry slightly before next step.

3. Cover the soil with a layer of spanish moss, making sure to cover up the entire root ball.

4. Wrap twine around the root ball irregularly until it is secure.

5. Cut twine, leaving a about a two foot tail. Tie a knot on opposite side of plant so that you have a u-shaped string to hang you plant on a hook or nail.


Meet the Contributors
Emily Hirsch and Erick Steinberg are blogging duo behind Heidi's Bridge, a lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY projects, recipes, and travel. When they're not blogging or working as 2/4 of the creative agency Jolly Bureau, they moonlight as locally sourced sandwich vendors in Philadelphia, PA.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

HI !!
can we use any plants for this??
thanks !!
love your blog!

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Marion,

Thanks! And yes you can use any plant -

Krysti Kalkman said...

This is lovely! One question though... how do you water it?

Unknown said...

Krysti--good question! To water, soak in a large bowl of water 1-2 x a week!