Weekend Project | 10 Weaving Tutorials + Ideas

Weaving seems to be the perfect summer project doesn't it? Pick a shady spot, pull out the yarn and weave the afternoon away. Before you know it, you have a beautiful piece ready to be hung. We like the idea of finding some drift wood to hang it from, a momento from summer. Here's 10 weaving (or like weaving) tutorials to be inspired by.  Happy Friday!

1.  Wall Hanging and Loom DIY
 from Smile and Wave

2.  A Fast and Easy Large Wall Hanging
from A Beautiful Mess

3. Make a Cardboard Loom
from Craft Leftovers

4. How to Weave Using a Hula Hoop
from Make

5. Branch Weaving
from Instructables

6. DIY Woven Wall Hanging
from Honestly WTF

7. Weave a Pattern
from DIY Decor Projects

8. No Weave Wall Hanging
from The Little Things DIY

9. Weave a Trivet
By bookhou for Poppytalk

10. Framed Weave
(Inspiration only).  Via The Brick House.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for including our shop in your Etsy DIY + Make list! We are so flattered! we absolutely love weaving - what a great post! :)

thank you!

Nina said...

Thank you for this. My 5 year old boy has suddenly taken an interest in weaving and I don't know where to start, so thank you for this! I'll start with the trivet and then try some of these others! Great timing!

Kate said...

I just finished my first weaving project! I just wanted to point out to you that the "weave a pattern" post was reworded and stolen from a Beautiful Mess blog.

Jennifer Bewerse said...

Great roundup! But the content from #7 is stolen. The actual original source is A Beautiful Mess here >

You should fix the link, content thieves suck...

Kreetta said...

I've been planning weaving so long...now I bought some chairs that need to be facelifted so thanks for inspiration!