It's Summer Colours Week!

resurrection fern

In case you missed our announcement Friday, this week is our Summer Colours week (Aug 11th - 15th/14) and just like last year we're taking it all to instagram.  If you would like to join in, use the tag #PoppytalkSummerColours and this year we'll be posting a few of our faves from the feed on our instagram ( alongside our blog.  Here's the colour line-up!

Aug. 11/14 - Monday - Canteloupe (light oranges, peaches, coral - think sunsets)
Aug. 12/14 - Tuesday - Aqua and Friends (anything in the blue/green/turquoise category - like the sea)
Aug. 13/14 - Wednesday - Golden (yellowy, golden hues - like sunflowers)
Aug. 14/14 - Thursday  - Pinks
Aug. 15/14 - Friday  - Blues - (like the sky) 

Please note: Be sure to wait till 6pm Pacific time the night prior to start posting the next day's colour! (And please no product pictures).   Come join us, it'll be fun!

Here's a few "canteloupe-coloured" photo's already loaded up to the feed:



Jan Halvarson


gayla girl said...

not sure where you're located, but in the US it's spelled cantaloupe, not canteloupe.

ursula said...


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Oh, just seeing this post now ! Thanks so much for picking two of my photos, Jan, that's so sweet.
Your color weeks are always so much fun ! Thanks again ! xoxo