9 Summery DIYs

1. Shibori-Dyed Tea Towels
by Lovely Indeed

2. IKEA Hack Photo Backdrop Lack Table
by Traveling Mama

3. DIY Watercolor Stripe Napkins
by Almost Makes Perfect

4. A Book in Five Steps
by Blog de Coses

5. Free Printable - Sweet Dreams Art Print
By Jaime of A Pair of Pears for This Little Street

6. DIY Indigo Dyed Embroidery
by Lovely Indeed

7. Plastic Travel Envlelope Purse
by The Paper Mama for HP

8. DIY Yarn Art
by Oleander and Palm

9. Make Your Own Garden Table w/copper Nails
by Skonahem

Jan Halvarson


Kristin Fleming said...

Oooh the tie die napkin is awesome! Thank you for sharing.

Coco Cake Land said...

ooh love the yarn art! teddy would rip it down though, haha - or use it as a beaded curtain... ^__^

Lauren said...

Love the napkins and tea towels! Both are so pretty!

Lauren | http://www.livelovelauren.com