Cool Decorating Tricks from Ideas Magazine

By Louisa Holst | Stying and Crafts Hannes Koegelenberg | Photos Ed O'Riley

A favorite magazine for making around these parts is Ideas Magazine out of South Africa.  Always packed with really unique projects, their newest issue (July '14) features some pretty cool decorating tricks, such as (above) these milk cartons spray painted then decoupaged with a delft-like paper making for some really pretty vases (for a tea party or wedding perhaps)? Below, tattooed tiles using water-slide transfer paper.

By Lizel Cloete | Styling Carin Smith | Photos Ed O'Riely
 And (below) a marbled paper tutorial is used to make this pretty grey marble paper then it's wrapped around a lampshade.

By Lizel Cloete | Styling Carin Smith | Photos Ed O'Riely
All of the instructions to make these are in their latest issue (and heaps more). We picked up our digital copy of Ideas Magazine at

Jan Halvarson


iHanna said...

Oh wow. I love how you can spray paint anything and make it beautiful!

Nina said...

The milk carton vase idea is so smart! What a great way to get cheap, fun vases for an event. So great!

Unknown said...

Those milk cartons are so cool! I love that.

Coco Cake Land said...

omg. those milk cartons - that is so beautiful! i've always loved the simple and nostalgic shape of milk cartons and what a fun way to preserve them for a while... :) (yes, totally cute for a wedding!)