Announcing Poppytalk Curated and Ambassadors at IDSwest!

Images (L-R): Dahlaus Studio, Forest & Waves

We're excited to announce "Poppytalk Curated" at The District at this year's IDSwest (September 25 - 28). The District is the marketplace for designers to show and sell to discerning consumers and industry insiders. This unique feature within IDSwest is the popular cash and carry neighbourhood where attendees can take home good design. We can't wait to share our special selection of makers!

Also we are honoured to be one of IDSwest's Ambassador's this year alongside a group of influential and diverse design professionals to represent IDSwest and share our design industry experiences. Included in the group are Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds of Falken Reynolds Interiors, Anne Pearson, the owner of Vancouver Special, Joe Gibson and Dylan Lynch and Zoe Blatter of Revolution Design House, Interior and Architectural photographer, Ema Peter, Interior Designer Amanda Forrest, and Interior Designer Kelly Deck.

IDSwest runs September 25 - 28th and for more information on how you can get involved with The District curated by Poppytalk contact Jody Phillips or Poppytalk.

Jan Halvarson

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