Sunday Reading | Blue Green

It's the start of spring break in these parts, and it looks like spring may possibly just be on it's way (after this rainy session we're having). So here's to some spring colours (blue/green) for this week's reading. From the top left: 1. "Ivory" by Kris Knight, 2. Floating flowers bathtub, 3. A Wander in the Woods via nanowrimo.  4. Denim Weaving on a triangle loom,  5. Oil and linen, Jim Lee.  6. Weaving with lavendar, itlot, 7. Succulent and Cacti Cupcakes,  8. Yang Li - Paris 2014.  Happy Sunday!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Yay for spring, and Spring Break! I cannot believe those succulent and cacti cupcakes, so perfect! Hope you have a happy sunday too :)

Jan Halvarson said...

Leanne - Yay! And I know aren't those cupcakes fun?