5 Spring Projects from Ideas Magazine

One of my favorite magazines, Ideas Magazine (South Africa) has a heap of inspirational projects for spring happening in their March (illustration) issue and from their website now renamed, Daily Fix.   In their March issue  there are loads of illustration ideas, techniques and templates like the above on the papier mache nests. The March issue you can buy online through zinio.com. Check them out!

1. Papier-Mache Nests
(Above) A pretty idea for spring or Easter - these egg shaped nests make for a lovely hanging mobile. Ideas Magazine (March 14 issue).

2. Black and White Wallpaper
Make a pretty feature wall using black and white photocopies, and colour in when inspiration hits. Ideas Magazine (March 14 issue).

3. Ceiling Rose

A ceiling medallion is decorated with handmade paper flowers. Click here for the instructions.

4. Crocheted Cake Dome
A pattern to crochet and then stiffen with a sugar water syrup. Click here for the instructions.

5. Decoupage a Bottle
Spray paint a glass bottle and decoupage with a pretty floral collection. Click here for the instructions.

Jan Halvarson


gabricci said...

What's that old adage - what's old is new again? I think the Crocheted Cake Dome is a hoot! My gran used to make these and we had them all over the house. My mom would constantly try to hide these 'dust catchers' to no avail. Gran would just make more. The sugar also attracted flies in the summer!

ynas-design said...

I bought that magazine on my vacation in Capetown and I love it. I am so sad, that I can't buy the mahazine hier in germany... :(

Unknown said...

The ceiling rose is such an interesting concept. We often forget that we can decorate our ceiling too! :)

Sage said...

I really like the idea of coloring in your own wallpaper - I'm a doodler, so that would be perfect for me :) all of these are great ideas!

Jan Halvarson said...

Gabricci - that's funny! I've never seen a crocheted cake dome before - and yikes flies! :)

Jan Halvarson said...

Yna - you can buy a digital copy online - I got mine from Zinio - I'm thinking you can sign up for that in Germany also.

Unknown said...

Hi, I loved the papier mache nests, but I could not find them at the link you posted (Creative Ideas). It leads to the main page and the Search didn't get me the right place. Could you please provide me?
many thanks and crongrats on your ideas.

Zakkiya Khan said...

Super crafty and classy, love the colouring book wallpaper. www.winkingplum.com

Anonymous said...

yikes also need better idea of how to find a tutorial for the paper
mache nest (USA) online....Jan, can one subscribe to just this one issue online or is there a way to get just this DIY nest tutorial anywhere and
if so, what is the direct link.

Tiffanie said...

These are all amazing and enviable ideas. Beautiful!

Carly said...

Those papier mache nests are so pretty! Gosh, I'm so excited for spring, and this isn't making the wait any easier!

Jan Halvarson said...

Sorry everyone for any confusion - the instructions and template for the papier mache nests are in the March issue which you can buy online through zinio.com

Ideas Magazine South Africa said...

Hi all
Here's the link to the Ceiling Rose post from Creative Ideas 2013:
(Ideas magazine)

Ideas Magazine South Africa said...

Hi everyone
Here's the link to the Ceiling Roses from Creative Ideas 2013: http://dailyfix.co.za/crafts/ceiling-rose/
(Ideas magazine South Africa)

Jan Halvarson said...

Ideas Magazine South Africa - thank you!

Michelle said...

I adore the paper mache eggs and the wallpaper looks like great fun.