Monday's Golden (Round-Up)
Top row:,,, 2nd row:,,, 3rd row:,,
Top row:,,, 2nd row:,,; 3rd row:,,
Top row:,,; 2nd row:,,; 3rd row:,,

A round-up of today's beautiful golden submissions for our Fall Colors Week.  If you wish to join in - you can participate any day or all the days - it's just a fun excercise to celebrate the beauty of fall.  Upload your pictures to instagram with the hashtag #fallcolors2013 and check out the beauty! Enjoy the daily colors, meet some new friends, have fun!  Tomorrow's color is RED - and I see some people have already started to add reds to the feed.  Everyday as in seasons past I will gather your beautiful colors and do a round-up both here on the blog, our instagram and on Pinterest!  Here's the info:

Fall Color Week Guide
Monday is golden
Tuesday is red
Wednesday is brown
Thursday is grey
Friday is blue (what was I thinking)? orange

Wait until 4pm (Pacific time) to upload the next day's color to ensure for a beautiful #fallcolors2013 feed on instagram!

Jan Halvarson


Melissa said...

Thanks for putting this together. So fun to see everyone's view of fall... it's beautiful. Can't wait for the rest of the week's pics.

sue schlabach said...

Thanks for including my crabapple photo! I had such fun looking about for gold yesterday. And with heavy frost this a.m., it took awhile to find some bold red. Thanks for the creative push. The photos people are shooting are deeply inspiring.

Lyndsay said...

beautiful! i am in love with "golden" ! reminds me of "golden hour" or "magic hour"... that hour before sunset when the light is perfection... xo