Lisa Solomon's Crochet + Embroidery Class Online!

Hey you guys, I just wanted to jump in and tell you about our friend (and former Poppytalk contributor), Lisa Solomon's online crocheted and embroidery class she'll be hosting "online" in a few weeks which is such a great opportunity if you've ever wanted to learn from her!  The folks at creativeLIVE (have you heard of it?) —an online workshop site where they bring experts in to teach online courses like photography, video, design, business, audio, music, etc., invited Lisa to teach her techniques and insight on embroidery and crochet on their site, and I think it's a great way to attend one of her classes if you haven't been in a city where she's taught.  The course is live and will take place online on Thursday, November 7th. 2013 (at 12:45pm Pacific time). Click here for more info!

Jan Halvarson

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This sounds awesome! Thanks so much!