My Autumn Wish

Every time fall rolls around, I get the urge to curl up into a Scandinavian-inspired space.  There's something inviting about things like their grey sheepskins, white flooring, and black and white accessories.  Although I do admit, I tire of looking at black and white online so much but it really does makes sense in a northern space and also seems to add a bit of serenity.  And like I've said many times before, living here in the Pacific Northwest, with it's dark cloudy days, white floors and walls really lightens up a space.  I often get lost in their design blogs, longing for a complete makeover, do you? The first place I usually hit up for some Scandinavian inspiration is Emma's blogg who always has the right  mix of inspiration like natural woods, soft beige hues, blacks and whites and modern furnishings.  Let's take a look.  Above and directly below: This apartment by Pella Hedeby. I've always wanted one of those surfboard coffee tables, and it looks so right anchored by the dark grey carpet and beige sofa. It has just the right amount of weight and balance.  The lighting too.  A perfect combination for the space.  Photography by Kristofer Johnsson.

Another space which has that feel is the apartment below in Gothenburg, Sweden. Again lots of black and white —the fun contrast of the old architectural fixtures mixed with modern furnishings, makes for an interesting twist. Photo's via Emmasblogg via Trendenser

And this home in Helsinki by designer and interior architect Tanja Jänicke has cosy written all over it. The wide planked flooring, cement, and white walls are warmed with the browns and beiges of the he furniture and basketry. Photos: Lykke Foged, via Boligmagasinet

How about you, what's your autumn interior wish?  And for those on the other side of the hemisphere - spring wish?  Happy Wednesday!

(Unrelated but related). The new issue of Covet Garden is out today.  Click here to read.

Jan Halvarson


Lady Grey said...

I really love all the lamps in these photos.

Jan Halvarson said...

Me too Vanessa - I wish they made more of those types of lamps here. said...

such beautiful simple spaces

Unknown said...

this space is gorgeous!

love the photographs.

xx Alecia

Unknown said...

I adore Scandinavian-modern style! Love the simplicity of it - these photos are drool-worthy! :)