Sunday Reading | Cozy + Blue

Paula Magnani Freitas

Happy Sunday! Hope you're having a nice weekend! It feels like we turned a corner slightly in these parts (weather-wise) —making September feel all that much closer. A time to start thinking about inside. Love this vignette (above photo) by Paula Magnani Freitas —see more here.  More reading below (with what seems like a blue theme).  Happy reading!

1. Love the chairs | Bend, 2. Banff, Alberta | Photo mav_at, 3. Tufted blue sofa | Juell Photography, 4. Wiltshire Berry in Light Blue Fat Quarter | Miss Elany, 5. Anne Frank Quote, 6. Little blue budgie | Kika Reichert, 7. DIY Door headboard |, 8. OK – New DIY book by Susanna Vento & Rikka Kantinkoski (Varpunen and Weekday Carnival blogs), 9. A pretty skateboard| Penny Skateboards

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Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

such a great colors combination!

Ana de la Serna said...

What a beautiful collage!!

Unknown said...

beautiful blue theme!