On the Radar | Iridescence

So I think I'm on a bit of an iridescence craze.  I'm definitely in love with the bathroom tile idea and seriously I think I have to have a pair of those Miista iridescent purple shoes!  Aren't they fun? Here's the links to ones that caught my eye!

1.  Wrap around mini | Via Kirsten Farabi

2.  Bathroom tile and shower at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas | Muy Yum

3.  Surface | via Cocoacobra

4.  Scalloped mermaid tiles | via Olivia Maio (tiles from Emery et Cie)

5.  Strand of cobalt blue titanium agate crystal | via Tophatter

6.  Pink tiles | Kilkk (Photo: Line Falck)

7.  One Opal Aura Quartz | Citizens of Bohemia (Etsy)

8.  Miista iridescent purple shoes | Photo @alicezielasko via Miista

9.  Broderie Magic Mirror by Valentin Euthine via Vyet

What are you loving right now?

Jan Halvarson


Kreetta said...

Yes, this kind of color world reminds me of soap bubbles! Those bathroom tiles are great!

Trisha said...

wowza.. those shoes are fantastic!!!

meridith said...

love that tile!

Coco Cake Land said...

woh woh woh you are the COOLEST! i've always been drawn to the shiny shimmery-ness of iridescence... i love seeing all these images together! ^__^

beautiful. hmm, i guess now i'm officially "into" iridescence! :)

Dani said...

I love all of the iridescent tiles. I'm redecorating right now, and really want to incorporate something like this!

<3 dani

Vintage Home said...

oh my...just when I think marble is the way to go in our bathroom reno...you tease me with these stunning iridescences!
Thank you for all the delightful pretty !

Anonymous said...

I'm loving iridescent beads! I've been into jewelry making with iridescent beads and leather cord! Fun!

Sims Wishes said...

Oh god that pink shower wall is awesome! I don't think my other half would agree with me tho lol

Rowdy Fairy

Tiffany said...

I love the asymmetrical mini. Very FUN! Oh and those shoes are really cool too.


JustJoan said...

Love those tiles!

Unknown said...

oh, I'm in love with those shoes!