Sunday Reading: Sign Painters

Happy Sunday friends.  What did you get up to this weekend? I've been working on our new lookbook (hopefully ready for tomorrow) but did get a chance to sneak out and catch Faythe Levine while she was in town for her newest book-based documentary Sign PaintersSMASH gallery hosted a book signing and me and the boys stopped by and snapped a few pics.  The car above was definitely an eye catcher out front (flames and all - can you see them?) and was deserving of a little flame throwing photo effects I thought.

A sign painter in action. These guys are the real deal, turpentine and all. The fumes were also at the exhibit which featured some local talent creating their craft. Did you get a chance to see the film? Sadly we couldn't make it due to conflicting schedules, but word on the street gave some pretty good reviews. Three cheers to Lotus Events for hosting the event!

Faythe chatting with a visitor.

One of my favourite pieces in the exhibit.

Faythe and her co-writer Sam Macon
And if you're a fan of this beautiful and hopefully not disappearing art, the book is pretty inspirational and visually rewarding. Available through the publisher, Princeton Architectural Press and on Amazon.  Happy Sunday!

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Such a great post, Jan! I emailed Faythe to inquire about the film coming to Toronto and it's on the list, they just have to figure out the details! Finger's crossed!

Becca / A Good Good

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Becca and yay I hope you get to see it and meet Faythe!

Unknown said...

:)))) I am so excited for this movie to come to Toronto, although I should have used it as an excuse to fly out to Vancouver for a visit ;)

Megan said...

That is so neat. I saw the trailer for the doc youtube. I love handmade items, there is such a loss in having everything done by machine. Hatch Show Prints came to my university and showed my class how they were made the posters. There so much added by a human touch.

Trace said...

My friend and I caught the show in Minneapolis - it was sold out but we went anyway, hoping some poor ticket-holders got some kind of non-life-threatening flu...and it worked! We got the last 2 seats, and boy was it worth it. A few of the Minnesota painters that were in the movie were also there watching it with us for the first time. From my point of view, they seemed really proud and pleased with how it turned out! And what an awesome show - starting out showing the hay day, moving into the gloomy reality of vinyl signs, but then ending on a high note again discussing how people are starting to appreciate the hand made again. Loved it, loved it, loved it.