You Can Find Me Near the Smegs

Yay! The weekend is finally here and I'm really looking forward to the Etsy Pop-Up Shop at west elm on Saturday! I can't wait to see all the vendors displays we curated and to finally taste some of those specially made cupcakes and treats from Butter Baked Goods.

The Etsy Pop-Up Shop is this Saturday, May 25/13 from 1pm – 6pm at west elm and west elm market (right next door) in Vancouver. The address is 2947 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. If you haven't already done so, feel free to RSVP at I hope to see you there and if you're looking for me, you can probably find me near those cute little Smegs they've got hanging around there (love them)!  (Photo by Lily Ellis of Birch and Bird). Happy Friday!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Haha....I love this, Jan. I have such a soft spot for those SMEG Refrigerators. The mint green one is on my "home luv list". It's so day I'll make it mine ;) Happy weekend!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Can't wait for tomorrow, Jan! It's going to be great! And thanks so much for linking my pic...a fun surprise on this Friday morning ;)

Karina said...

I wish I lived a little closer...I'd love to see all of the Vendors' goodies up close and personal!

Jan Halvarson said...

Amy - i hope you get it too!

Lily - thanks - i just totally snitched that. Look forward to seeing you!

Karina - me too!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Haha, you can snitch from me anytime ;)