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Ready for a little spring/summer getaway? Come springtime, it's inevitable that a few cute campers will start to pop up here on the blog and so when this little Boler passed my radar recently, I knew it had to make an appearance. Not only because it's so adorable but because you can rent it for a little getaway and it's local! 

Golden Age Getaway is a project started by Gamla, a young emerging furniture and product design studio located here in Vancouver in March 2013, renting their fully restored 1973 Boler Trailer.  The camper which was in disrepair was fully renovated adding small design flourishes and functionality while keeping the Boler true to it's original form.  They hand-sewed all the upholstery and curtains using vintage Danish and Japanese textiles, and built all of the other components in their shop.

They also stocked the Boler full of vintage goodies, from Hawaii themed melamine dishes, board games and Manitoban memorabilia. It's truly an amazing little space to spend a vacation.

So fun! Let's take a look shall we?

For more information or for reservations, visit: goldenagegetaway.com

Stay tuned for a post on Gamla's beautiful work and studio shortly!  

Jan Halvarson


Lune Vintage said...

Gotta love a Boler! I'm from Winnipeg and use my 1976 yellow "Eggie" to sell my vintage wares out of and camp with my family too. I love it to bits! In Winnipeg there is a boler rental company called bee together excursions, all their bolers are painted black and yellow. They look like a great company.

Check out my Eggie if you like - www.luneblog.com

Alex said...

That is a pretty cute camper!

Unknown said...

This is awesome:) I too am a huge camper fan, my husband and I spend many weekends camping in our camper every summer. I love that this Boler is rentable! Great Idea:)
Ps. I have seen photos of Lune's "Eggie" in the above comment.Totally cool.

Unknown said...

How adorable. We've always wanted a cute little camper. I've always felt that getting away is necessary every once in a while but especially little camping trips where you can really take some time to appreciate the beautiful world that we live in!

I am happily and excitedly overwhelmed by all the amazing content on this site. Just from browsing through the different categories... it's like the kind of blog I always want to find. Can't wait to check it all out.


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Anonymous said...

This camper is so adorable! I wish we had something like these over in England, they are to cute! xx


Mary said...

What a cool idea!


BlackRedDots said...



Jan Halvarson said...

You'll all have to come visit our beautiful province and stay awhile!

Anonymous said...

wow that's so cool!! it makes me actually want to go camping!

Poopie Louly said...

I have the pillow that it done for it... there : http://poopie-louly.over-blog.com/article-caravane-116806862.html

sweet harvest moon said...


Shelley Jacobsen said...

Oh that is just adorable! What a cool idea! Love the fabrics and colours!

lisa solomon said...

oh my i want to rent one !

Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea! I love it!

Amanda said...

What an adorable caravan. The fabric patterns (in particular the cushions) are gorgeous.

The accessories dotted around and features are great and I love the chalk board, I have a chalk board in my own home - lots of fun to be had.