Inspiration: Pendant Lighting

Patric Johansson
Last night as I sat down for dinner and looked up at our lonely dangling lightbulb (waiting patiently for a fix) and realized it was time to make a decision once and for all.

Trouble with writing about all things design, you get tired super fast of things and so it makes it really difficult to commit to anything sometimes. Do some of you get that way? I think thats why I have so many unfinished rooms (well besides money); its the fact that I'm so scared to commit to things that are more permanent, like hard-wired lighting for example or things that need to be permanently nailed to the wall (after all that hard work painting it's hard to screw in a sconce). But it's time to get on with it and so last night I proceeded to look for a little kitchen lighting inspiration. I'm loving pendants (the big ones especially) –both modern and industrial-inspired; here's a few ones I've bookmarked.  Above:  A New-York-inspired turquoise transparent pendant.  Photo by Patric Johansson for Skona Hem.

Martin Lof for Skona Hem
An extra large black pendant light anchors the room pulling in the pops of black featured in this french-bistro inspired kitchen. Photo Martin Lof for Skona Hem.

Angelina Jolin for Skona Hem
A double pendant setting in white (feeling very Hamptons).  Photo: Angelina Jolin for Skona Hem.

A dramatic over-sized light. Photography by Jim

IKEA's HEKTAR Lamp. Photo from IKEA Family Live Magazine.

A set of three white pendants Porcelight P14 pendant lamps by Danish designer Erik Magnussen look stunning also.  From My Scandinavian Home.

Jan Halvarson


Carol said...

Yes! Totally hard to commit. I am searching for a pendant for my dining room right now. It's so bloody hard. I'm thinking of trying to make a random light for now...until I can afford what I really want. I found this great one that is made locally (Toronto):

Stacey said...

I have a thing for pendant lighting! They're so sculptural and have such presence...

mundart said...

So amazing.
And I`m in love with the big "A".
Lovely greetings from germandy!

Chili & Ocet said...

The big A it's great:)

Coco Cake Land said...

man oh man great collection of pendant lights, jan!!

i love that first opaque blue one! but the ikea hektar lamp is really cool, too and probably not too pricey! (ie a realistic purchase)... ^__^