Dispatches from the UK: Bell Jar Inspiration

I came across these interesting bell jars over at Present and Correct yesterday and proceeded to ask Neal and Mark about them.  Turns out Mark made them up after collecting a few of them from markets they frequent when shopping for P&C.

Mark tells us, "Initial inspiration for the contents of the domes came from some plaster shapes, seen in a French auction house. I then wanted to form my own, modern interpretation, based on paper polyhedra shapes. The relationship between the forms and playing with colour can be quite satisfying. The domes have a nice sense of protection which I also like.  At this early stage the jars are purely personal, the love of creating something for no other reason than for fun. Also, paper shapes are less smelly than a taxidermy bird and we only have a small freezer! I don't currently have them for sale, although you may find one sitting on a shelf at the new Present & Correct bricks and mortar store at some stage soon!"

I love that!

Check out Present & Correct online and say Hi by leaving them a message off their site contact form –they have a cool interface to do so (and it's just kind of a nice experience)! Thanks Gentlemen!  (See more after the jump).

Jan Halvarson

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Margie said...

These are amazing.