Dispatches from Spain: La Manual

Contributor post by Serena Olivieri

One day, walking the streets around my neighborhood, I saw this new place, so I went in, as I do every time I see something new. I suddenly fell in love with this place and started asking the lovely girls inside questions and I thought I had to share this discovery with you.

La Manual is a co-working space for artists and artisans, a place where one can come work, give workshops and at the same time, rent some of the halls and put on a concert or some painting classes. They also organize a monthly market, la Tartalana, where different artisans are invited to share their products with those already working in the space. The location in the bustling neighborhood of MalasaƱa makes it a good spot to see and meet new artists and artisans.

Zaloa and Sandra are the women behind all this. They used to work together in costume design for plays and movies and decided to start this brand new project in October 2012.

Zaloa was looking for a place to start giving sewing classes with her sewing association Altrapolab, while Sandra wanted to establish a co-working space specifically for artists and artisans. So they joined forces and La Manual was born. An open project for creatives in need of space and collaboration.

Now different artisans are already working and giving workshops every one-two weeks: printing on ceramics, bookbinding, puppet making for kids etc. They are open to new projects and workshop ideas and are really involved in the artisans/artists community, so if you are in town, go visit and say hello!  For any other information, please make sure to visit their blog or facebook page.

La Manual
Facebook < info@lamanual.org
Phone : 0034 915 315 120
C/Escorial 11, bajo izda - Madrid
Monday to Friday 10 a 14:30 / 16 a 20:30
Images by La Manual + Stefano Nicoli 


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Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

I find interesting the way you aproach this: you see a place you like and just ask about it. I am a bit shy to do that but I find it a fantastic way to meet new and creative people to be sourrounded by.
I really like the sign at the entry, the typography.
Thanks for the discovery.
Best Regards,

Debi said...

Excellent course of action. More artisans should do this...I am happy to have found you and this information. ♥Debi in Canada

Melanie said...

I wish I had a place like this by me!! How awesome that artists can get space and there's workshops!! How cool!! =)

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