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Hey everyone - I 'm thrilled to introduce a new series here on the blog today written by my friend Meighan O'Toole out of Oakland, CA who has just launched her own digital strategy company for small brands and businesses at meighanotoole.com.  Meighan has a heap of experience online from running her own successful blog, My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses to Community Manager at wired.com  So please join me in welcoming her as she embarks on her own and shares with us a bit of her knowledge on social media! It'll be fun! ~Jan

I've been waiting for a very long time for an app that overlays fonts onto my images in a simple and easy way. Have you? I'm willing to bet you have.

(I understand what a tech nerd I've become when I start dreaming of apps I'd like.)

I have downloaded and used a few apps here and there that did the trick, but nothing that ever sung to me. They were just OK — but always felt really clunky. The fonts were wanting, and the ease of use was nonexistent. It was too much work for a quick and dirty image on Instagram.

So I waited. And I bet you did too.

Well, the wait is OVER. No literally it's Over.

Introducing Over, an app to add beautiful typography to your photos.

The wait has actually been over since last spring. But I only recently learned about this beautiful little app.

But I figured I can't be the only one who has missed the boat on this one. And sure enough I'm not. Many people I've since told about Over were unaware of it. Even shutterbug Victoria from sfgirlbybay was as excited as I was about discovering it.

I thought what better way to kick off my intro post introducing my series about social media here on Poppytalk!

Over made the wait worth it. Its sleek, easy to use, and wonderful to work with. It seamlessly adds beautiful, and dynamic fonts to your images in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

To get a small idea of what Over is capable of (and get totally inspired) check out their Instagram and Pinterest pages. So many fun options.

It's perfect for a small business, blogs, or anyone who wants to have fun on their phone. The app makes it simple to share to many of our favorite social sites. And the resolution is great to download to your desktop and share to other sites. (Like I did here on Pinterest.)

It's never been easier to get the word out — literally — about what you are seeing and doing.

Personally, I'm pretty obsessed with it. It was so hard to make only a handful of images for this post!

It's a smooth $1.99 in the app store. Which is a steal. I know many people get tight around spending money on apps. But here's the deal if you're grumpy about shelling out 2 bucks for a piece of software, you are supporting someone to make their dream happen. Think of it this way: you get to throw a few dollars at the developers who worked long and hard to create a really beautiful app. People just like us trying to live the dream and make something. And really, it's two dollars.

Oh and if you want to get crazy, you can drop another .99 cents and buy the extra font pack. It's worth it. I did it, and was amazed at the variety. You can preview what fonts are available before you purchase.

My one and only complaint with Over is that it's only available for iOS. I'm actually an Android owner, but I have an old iPhone I use to test apps. So if you don't have an iPhone or iPad you're out of luck as there's no plans any time soon for an Android app.

Android fans, stay tuned for next week when I demo an app that can take the place of Over.


Meighan O'Toole is a Digital Strategist that lives in Oakland, CA. She helps small brands and creative individuals define their voice online through social media.
Follow her: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Google+

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Anna of The Analog House said...

Love the nod to they might be giants!

xo annaofgreengable

Anna of The Analog House said...

Love the nod to they might be giants!

Xo annaofgreengable

Sere said...

Love OVER! Such a great tool

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

cool app.

Brittany said...

What is the name of the app so I can search for it in the marketplace? I am sorry if it's named in the article,I couldn't find it ;/

Meighan said...

Hi Brittany, it's called Over. There is a link in the very top of the piece. Here it is just in case: http://madewithover.com/

jodi said...

Brittany, the name of the app is "Over".

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I love the app!

Amanda MacLeod said...

Awesome! Looking forward to reading the rest of your series and to trying out Over!

Unknown said...

oo:( I got so excited reading about OVER, was on my way to download the app and then got to the part about no android:( boo:( Will stay tuned for an update of similar apps for android..PLEASE!:)

Malia said...

So glad you're doing an Android app demo, too. Looking forward to it!

Iwona said...

Cool blog! Very interesting post:) I greet and I invite you to my blog:)

Alexandra Snowdon said...

VERY exciting, looks like just what I've been waiting for!

Christina said...

Just used this app for the first time. Thanks for the tip Meighan! Excited for your series here.

Meighan said...

Yay! Very excited people are loving the app! I think you Android users will be happy with our 'Over replacement', lol! We'll make due! See you next week!

heather moore said...

Can't wait for the Android alternative. Thanks for the heads up.