Jailhouse Hand Planes

Take body surfing to a whole new level with these Jailhouse Hand Planes by Karl Mackie out of the UK. "Keep a Handplane in the boot of your car and match with a set of fins, they are a heap of fun in the water and will get you into waves you didn't think were ever possible". Handmade in Cornwall and beautifully crafted each one is sealed with linseed oil and ready for the sea.  They are selling in the U.S. at ReForm School (online) and at their brick and mortar at 3902 Sunset Blvd. (Sliver Lake), Los Angeles, CA or you can also catch them on Etsy at Karl's shop here.  If you get a chance too, be sure to check out Mackie's blog which features some of his amazing photography, featuring surf and sea and his cute little 2 year old boy. See a few faves below!

Jan Halvarson


Femke Dekker - ter Meulen said...

Gorgeous photo's!! http://www.femkeido.blogspot.nl/

Unknown said...

I love the one with the blue backround. amazing shot!
all the best,
from MJ's Best

Tara Galuska said...

When I think of body surfing I think of my Dad. This could be the perfect gift for my Dad's 61st birthday! Yay. Thanks Jan.