Dispatches from Austin: Street Art Valentine

Contributor post by Tracy of Fair Morning Blue

Happy St. Valentine's Day from Austin, Texas! Seems like everywhere I went today, I saw a charming love note - a valentine - stenciled or painted on the side of a wall somewhere. I never noticed how downright sweet the street art is around town.  I took a few snapshots so I could send you all a little street art valentine from the ATX, with love. xoxo

Tracy Castro is a native Texan and the artist behind Fair Morning Blue. Find Tracy on her blog, facebook, twitterinstagram & pinterest

Jan Halvarson


Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

Tracey, these are great! I am curious to know where the "butter half" art is. My husband's college nickname (at the time we started dating) was "butter," so it is just perfect!

Lady Grey said...

that first one is so cute : )

Unknown said...

@Shannon The Butter Half mural is at the United Way on East MLK Blvd, between I-35 and Airport. It was painted by the folks at Creative Suitcase: http://www.creativesuitcase.com/2012/05/youre-my-butter-half/