Holiday Baking Panic

Slightly panicked here with the baking situation so I've been scoping out the recipes.  I love shortbread and cherry tarts, but would like to add a few more delicious treats to my repertoire this year.  How about you, do you bake or have any suggestions? Here's a few that have caught my eye.

1.  Panettone | Gourmet Traveller
2.  Peppermint Brownie Pops, Bakers Royale
3.  Ginger Shortbread with Cherry Icing | Raspberri Cupcakes
4.  Millionaire Shortbread Bars | Jeannette Ordas
5.  Frozen Smore Cups | Hello Happiness
6.  18 Cookie Recipes for the Holidays | The Kitchn
7.  Champagne cupcakes with champagne buttercream | The Curvy Carrot
8.  Cake Batter Sugar Cookies | Sally's Baking Addiction
9.  Sugar Dusted Macaroon Trees | Martha Stewart

Jan Halvarson


Luna Levy said...

Here's a link to 4 of my personal favorite German inspired Christmas cookie recipes:

Enjoy and thanks for sharing your list too - they all look wonderful :) xo

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Ugh, I haven't baked a thing this season! But I'm hoping to at least do some gingerbread men with the kids tomorrow :)

Anna said...

Today is my panic baking day! Definitely going to give your gingerbread and millionaire shortbread recipes a try!

Natasha said...

I love baking. Today's my boyfriend's birthday, so I'm making cupcakes with gingerbread on top and mini doughnuts. There's so many delicious things I've found on Pinterest that I want to try.

Anonymous said...

Yummy!! The pink sprinkle cookies caught my daughters eye!
I finished my small amount of baking yesterday, Milk Chocolate Fudge and Naniamo Bars, the more I make the more I end up eating so need to keep it to a minimum ;)
Have a great day Jan!

Alex @ northstory said...

I'm in baking craziness today. Gingerbread cookies. Mock Skor Bars and for the first time ever mint fudge. I decided not to go with sugar cookies this year and go with more candy. But those cupcakes mmmm....

zafar said...
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Jan Halvarson said...

Stephanie - oh thanks for the links - most definitely going to check those out!

Lily - glad i'm not alone!

Anna - good luck with those! i'm going to try the millionaires bars too!

Natasha - mini donuts? wow - how do you make those?

Grillfusion - milk chocolate fudge - yum!

Alex - mock skor bars? yum!!!!

Coco Cake Land said...

@jan, i hear ya...! i had way more ambitious goals for baking this year (i always bake cookies as gifts) but time is slipping away from me!

making butterscotch chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (my grandma's recipe) and probably some chocolate medallions (melted chocolate dropped into coin shapes on parchemnt paper, sprinkle whatever you want on top)

jeannette's millionaire bars look great!

happy holidays!! ^__^