Gift Guide: For the Cook

1.  Beer/Food 2013 Calendar | Red Cruiser
2.  Labeled Kitchen Mixing Bowl Set | west elm Market
3.  Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Ovens | west elm Market
4.  Tablet Accessory | Williams Sonoma
5.  Finnish Camping Cups | Mjolk
6.  Stainless Steel Fustis | Reform School
7.  Copper Measuring Cups | west elm Market
8.  Dipped Wood Rolling Pin | west elm Market
9.  Lodge Cast Iron Hibachi Grill west elm Market
10. Ceramic Scalloped Plates | Creema
11. Roots | Chronicle Books

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Lovely gift selection you have here! I particularly love the Ceramic Scalloped Plates by Creema (shame they are out of stock at the moment!).

Thank you for the ideas!


Unknown said...

Such a lovely collection, love that milk jug in the first picture. x

Coco Cake Land said...


love those copper measuring cups and the wooden rolling pins. doesn't it seem like west elm's taken a page out of the "craft" movement??

Panic said...

Number 5 is awesome!! I don't use those kinds of cups but I would if I had them.

Windlost said...

A lovely collection.

I can't believe I just found your blog. I am a Calgary decor blogger (for 6 years)! How am I just finding you?! hehe.

Come visit some time!

Best, Terri xo

Jan Halvarson said...

Beverly - oh i know - i love those!
Charli - thanks!
lyndsay - so true!
Panic - i know i love them
Windlost - oh how funny - thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Great collection!
Thank you for including my calendar too!
love your blog